PT Kharisma Satya Jaya (KSJ) is a trading company established in January 2012. Operating worldwide in the areas of Chemicals and raw materials. Our core business is Import and Export and Manufacturer’s Representatives/Agents.

We ensure that our suppliers supply us with the highest quality and consistent products and services. We avail of an international network of customers, suppliers and partners. We follow closely price developments (product and transport costs) and can provide immediately to you.

KSJ keeps direct local contact with our customers, suppliers and partners. This enables us to achieve optimum safety and confidence. In our international team, speed and smooth handling are also guaranteed as we are eminently familiar with local business conduct and practices. KSJ represents various renowned manufacturers.

Looking back on many years of experience in handling and documenting, KSJ guarantees our customers’ imports are always handled smoothly. KSJ ensures product supplies from various countries are always of the same high quality and without any supply shortages.
         OUR HISTORY
PT Kharisma Satya Jaya (KSJ ) was established by Suresh K. Chandiramani in Jakarta, in January 2012. Suresh has more than 3 decades (35 years) experience as President Director of PT ISPAK, a renowned Indonesian Trading company , and Director of PT Ames Indah International.

KSJ continue to work very closely and exclusively with RR Mewani & Co., Mumbai, India, which is more than 108 year old company, for export and imports of products to / from India.

KSJ are agents for export of Gum Rosin and Turpentine Oil and Oleo Pine Resins from Indonesia. Besides export of Gum Rosin and Turpentine Oil, KSJ represents companies from India, China, Europe, USA for various chemicals and raw materials.

We primarily supply to the adhesive, construction, coatings, food, paint, printing ink, soap , rubber and textile industry.
Bankers to our Company are as follows:
Bank Swadesi - Jakarta
PT Kharisma Satya Jaya – your direct and reliable partner
Strong Products for various sectors
We concentrate on key products and grow consistently and expand our portfolio
Optimum Service worldwide - thanks to our team of specialists
We handle the financing, documentation, marketing after sales service
KSJ – the reliable partner for customers and suppliers We provide long term and trustworthy collaboration with our customers and suppliers. Our market and sector knowledge benefit both our suppliers and customers. We focus on direct contact with customers and suppliers. Our network of subsidiaries and sole agencies around the world enables us to guarantee international purchases and sales. We procure products and acquire reliable manufacturers for our customers and extend our distribution capacities.
Service is one of the most important assets of our company

The logistical part plays a crucial role in the supply chain. For storage and transportation we have reliable partners with competitive rates.
Depending on the product, we can deliver in bulk, drums, IBC’s, bags or boxes.

Communication is essential for our service. Our response time is always short, which means that we immediately react to the requirements of our customers. We keep them informed about changed market situations and provide them with the appropriate advice.

Chemicals & Raw Materials
KSJ avails of a specific and multifaceted product portfolio for various sectors. We concentrate on key products and are very open for new innovations. We rely on continuous expansion of our offering by means of new and creative products.
We are specialist in supplying the following substances :
Corn Starch
Food Ingredients
Guar Gum
Gum Rosin
Gum Copal
Turpentine Oil
Potato Starch
Virgin Pulp
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